In Memory

Saundra M Stringer (Johnston)

Saundra (Stringer) Johnston

Saundra was born on May 15, 1944 and passed away as the result of brain tumor on Thursday, March 18, 2010.

Saundra was a resident of Carmel, California.

Age:                 65

Saundra Marie (Stringer) Johnston was born in Parsons, KS May 15, 1944 and passed peacefully into her next adventure on March 18, 2010. She was a world traveler and a wonderful companion to those who were blessed to go on any of these excursions with her. She brought great joy to her family and her many friends. Her beautiful smile, happy outlook on life, generosity, and strong faith will be missed by those who knew and loved her.

In 1976 Saundra moved to Monterey, California, and immediately fell in love. She had a history with this place and never realized it until she drove around 17 mile drive. As a young girl she spent many happy times cooking at a stove that had a mural on the wall behind the stove. She always believed that the mural was a composite of all the places she wanted to live around, the mountains, an ocean and a forest all brought together in one gorgeous setting. Saundra never thought this spot actually existed until the day she saw this scene for real at the Lone Cypress in Pebble Beach. At that point she knew she was at that magical place where she always wanted to live. Family, friends and traveling were Saundra's main passions , she also loved to paint, shop, to be on her boat, shop, eat in great restaurants, shop, and to be involved with worthwhile organizations such as the Carmel Kiwanis and the Coast Guard Auxiliary and shop. Her diverse and unique talents also came into play while she was building her Tax Accounting firm. She said she only wanted to do work for friends and family, and if you were fortunate enough to be one of her clients she considered you to be a member of her family. Thinking out of the box was one her most wonderful qualities, it endeared her to the many people she worked for, and makes for marvelous memories for those of us that were fortunate enough to have witnessed her many travels outside the box. Saundra had a special talent or ability to say just what people needed to hear and to say it in such a way that made a difference in their lives.  Her very favorite thing was hearing people laugh and laughing with them, so let’s remember her wonderful smile and the marvelous way she made us laugh at life, and the way she tried to get us all to be happy and to laugh as a way of life.