In Memory

Doug S. Weismiller

Ron - This is Karen, Doug Weismiller's wife (widow).  Doug passed away on October 22, 2011 from pancreatic cancer.  I thought you might want this information to update your records.  I didn't do a formal obituary so I will try and put something together for you below.  Thank you - Karen

Douglas Scott Weismiller

DOB:  02/08/1945

Date of Death: 10/22/2011

Service/burial:  Tahoma National Cemetery in Covington, WA on October 26, 2011

Survived by:  Karen Weismiller (wife); Christopher Weismiller (son--wife Sylvia); Jennifer MacLachlan (stepdaughter); Rebecca Smith (stepdaughter); Michael Smith (stepson--wife Marie) Casey Smith (stepson).  Grandchildren:  Melissa, Zachary, Aaron, Christopher Jr, Yvonne, Eithan, Sabrina, Braidyn, Josiah and Jillian.  Father-Herb Weismiller.  Doug and I got married in Alaska in 1992 (I was his third wife!).  Doug loved the water and did many years of boating and fishing.  The boat retired and an RV became his "baby" about 11 years ago.  He loved travelling in the RV and made several trips cross country, the last one was in May 2011 to Florida to help his dad (Herb Weismiller) celebrate his 90th birthday.  It was a family affair with lots of good memories. Doug loved his German Shepherds--he had 7 in his lifetime, the last one being Bekka.  Bekka is still living and is now my "baby".  Doug loved his family thus the reason why we put on his gravesite--Your love is our light.  It seemed appropriate as he taught us all so much.  Doug was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer on June 21, 2011.  He had a wonderful attitude and did his best everyday to try and beat this awful disease, but in 4 short months he was gone.  We miss him but his memory will be with us forever.  Doug retired in 2007 and he talked about going to one of high school reunions after I retired, which was suppose to be this year 2012.  Know that his presence will be with you! 

Thanks - Karen